Freshness, Quality, Passion and Exactness
Hub Italy is operating in food specialties in Italy and import/export all over the world

Quality, price and transport are our strength. A wide range of quality foods is the key to our success. For this reason we select the best of foods for hight gastronomy.

In a society as complex as the contemporary one, characterized by multiple segmentations (among different geographic territories, ethnic groups, economic entities, categories of consumers, brands and products, etc.), it is not easy to distinguish and discern the value of products rather than more images.
In this scenario, Hub Italy proposes the best Italian foods as the indispensable pollen for Chefs that "make the difference". At a time, when many great companies tend to move in the direction of globalization and standardization of the products selection, Hub Italy has made a rather unconventional choice, focusing its resource on typical food that represent an invaluable patrimony deeply rooted in a local context.
Therefore, Hub Italy is associated with tradition, Italian taste, passion for foods, originality and substance of products. Our strict selection criteria and periodic controls guarantee high standards of quality and safety.

Hub Italy is the symbol of an untiring search for food specialties, an emotional curiosity for a news tastes, a constant vocation for excellent.


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Food specialties of Hub Italy are reserved only to professional operators in the food sector with VAT number.

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